1MM: Deerhunter @ McCarren Pool, 8.3.08

Photos by Andrew Parks

Oh Bradford Cox; how we love thee. And how could we not? You’ve done nothing but play New York in numerous different shapes and forms over the past couple weeks, from a stripped-down Atlas Sound set at the South Street Seaport to a bizarre, relatively boring drone performance as “Harmony Club” at Gang Gang Dance’s Bowery Ballroom gig.

The kids really dig Cox in Deerhunter form, however, and the man delivered this evening by mixing up the old (“Fluorescent Grey,” chunks of Cryptograms), the new (a whole lotta Microcastle), and the not-yet-released (the disco-punk pulse of “Operation,” which Cox insisted “hasn’t leaked yet”).

Presenting part two of our Pool Party wrap-up after the jump (part three–the Black Lips & Khan show–is coming later tonight), including a special appearance by Cole Alexander.