1MM: Liars @ McCarren Park Pool

Angus Andrew of LIARS

Photos by Andrew Parks

Wow. Just wow. As odd as it was to witness Liars‘ doomsday punk approach in broad daylight at JellyNYC’s weekly “Pool Parties” series, self-titled couldn’t help but hold a smile throughout the group’s noisy, gnarly set. For one thing, Angus Andrew is still indie rock’s finest frontman–a prancing, preening praying mantis of a man that’s menacing one moment and a giant koala bear the next. And then there’s the tribal, speaker-rattling one-two punch of drummer Julian Gross and guitarist/percussionist Aaron Hemphill. In their world, every song is a soundtrack to the earth splitting in half and swallowing us whole.

If you haven’t yet, PLEASE pick up the last three LPs of these guys. While they’re completely removed from Liars’ supposed disco-punk beginnings, they’re some of the ballsiest, most rewarding records of the past decade.