1MM: Hercules and Love Affair @ Modular’s Nevereverland Festival, 12.13.08

[Photos by Andrew Parks; click for slideshow version]

Speaking of most improved shows, Hercules and Love Affair‘s makeover since last May–a clunky debut that struggled to translate DJ/producer Andy Butler’s twisted house opus with a full band–has been drastic, making them one of dance music’s most entertaining live acts. With Butler (the guy in the backwards baseball cap) twiddling knobs and mashing buttons in the background, Saturday’s Sydney set was a showcase for lead singer Nomi more than anything else. While she’ll never nail “Blind” quite like Antony Hegarty, Nomi–a striking transvestite named after gay icon Klaus Nomi–can have a crowd in the palm of her hand within minutes, including curious straight men who can’t help but gawk at her assets.

One other note: bonus points this time around for using a dildo as a drumstick.