1MM: Klaxons @ Modular’s Nevereverland Festival, 12.13.08

[Photos by Andrew Parks; click for slideshow version]

As much as we loved their early singles–especially the air raid anthem “Atlantis to Interzone”–the Klaxons boys were godawful the first time self-titled saw them. Opening up for Soulwax at a raucous Studio B party, the trio was noisy and on the brink of self-destruction throughout their set, which wasn’t visceral so much as irritating.

These days, Klaxons blow through their blustery, infectious songs like an actual band, drawing us in with their wholly unique harmonies, cryptic lyrics, synth shards and spindly riffs. The following photo set is from the the first stop of Modular‘s roaming Nevereverland Festival. We’ll have more shots and interviews from our week in Australia in the coming days …