1MM: Les Savy Fav @ Highline Ballroom, 5.21.08

Text/Photos by Andrew Parks

A review of this Les Savy Fav performance/NY Mag promotion wouldn’t do it justice, especially since the sound was cranked to the point of utter incoherence, much like it had been for Ted Leo’s set at a SPIN party last winter. (Maybe comedy and acoustic Michael Gira shows are the only things Highline can handle.)

That said, such raucous Let’s Be Friends selections as “Patty Lee” and “The Equestrian” went over VERY WELL with a severely inebriated crowd of Indie Rock Trivia players. Not that the music matters when Tim Harrington is onstage (yes, these are all from the same show; Tim is quite the fan of costume changes) …

Oh, and we can’t forget that Zach guy