1MM: Pelican Cover Earth, Return to “The Woods” at Irving Plaza Show

[Text/Photos by Andrew Parks]

What’s next, now that Pelican‘s on Southern Lord and a little more than a month away from recording their fourth full-length? We’ll reveal a few hints from guitarist Trevor DeBrauw in an exclusive interview later today. (Hint: It’s kvlt as fuck.)

For now, all we can tell you is to expect a triumphant rock show if the quartet’s heading through your town on the Isis tour. Meaning: lots of string-hammering, fret-climbing madness, locked into grooves that emphasize Pelican’s self-proclaimed “grunge gravy” formula. The only letdown at their Irving Plaza stop? Not a damn thing from The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw, an s/t office staple. The band did perform their new Ephemeral EP in its entirety, though, including a  Earth cover (“Geometry of Murder”) that got quite tectonic even without its Dylan Carlson guest appearance.

Check the setlist and more photos after the jump…

Pelican @ Irving Plaza, 6.2.09:
Far From Fields
Embedding the Moss
Geometry of Murder (Earth cover)
The Woods