1MM: Spiritualized @ Terminal 5, 7.27.08

Photos by Andrew Parks

self-titled‘s love for Spiritualized is no secret. After all, we devoted three pages to cross-examining J. Spaceman in the opening spread of our first issue.

The thing is, though, we haven’t seen the guy live since Spiritualized’s tour with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club seven years ago. A lot has happened since then: a new album (Songs in A&E), a brush with death, a Harmony Korine soundtrack. What hasn’t changed is Spaceman’s sense of psych-rock grandeur. Unlike the band’s beautiful but muted performances at the Apollo late last year, this weekend’s full-on electric revue seemed bent on blowing amps. It didn’t, but the misery-wallowing sadist in us left more than satisfied, especially after a rousing, riff-roasting rendition of “Come Together.”

Enjoy the fireworks after the jump …