1MM: The Pigeon Detectives @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, 9.3.08

Photos by Andrew Parks

“Is anyone here British?” [A round of cheers and high-fiving soccer hooligans.]

“And how many Americans are here?” [A couple golf claps and a chorus of chirping crickets.]

And with that, the Pigeon Detectives‘ frontman–a mic-wielding, spring water-spewing Matt Bowman–nailed the problems and the promise of the UK’s latest Brit-pop band. Us, we nearly had a diabetic attack from all the sugary hooks that were slung over the course of 60 spazztastic minutes. (Speaking of flying foreign objects, Bowman managed to clock a concertgoer in the skull during one of his many jump rope routines. As far as self-titled could tell, however, she seemed to view a blood-caked forehead as being par for the course.)

Anyway, see what we mean after the jump …