1MM: Video Evidence That NOBUNNY Is the “Nuttiest” Act You’ve Never Seen

Words and Photos by Aaron Richter

Please excuse us if we’re at a loss for words. We’re still recovering from all of the tossed glitter, broken glass, busted light bulbs, splattered beer, crowd-surfing bassists, slip-and-fall acrobatics, high-heel telephones, bulging crotches, tie-dye underwear–oh, and one terrifying bunny mask. Thanks to a recommendation by self-titled contributor Austin L. Ray, we caught a Tuesday-night show by NOBUNNY at Union Pool, and at the moment (read: well into Wednesday), we’re still suffering a nasty headache catalyzed by brain-burned images of creeping happy trails and peeping ball skin. Anyway, it’s best to let the performance speak for itself, so click through the jump to check out video evidence of all the NOBUNNY insanity.