Anna Homler, Alessio Capovilla Share Vasi Comunicanti Single

Having first crossed paths during a dynamic improv performance in Turin a few years back, Anna Homler (a.k.a. the avant-garde artist Breadwoman) and Gang of Ducks co-founder Alessio Capovilla set out to slowly develop a proper record together.

The first hint of where they were headed popped up on Homler’s Deliquium in C EP — a collection of collaborative works with four different artists — but nothing could have prepared us for Vasi Comunicanti. Due out through Gang of Ducks on July 10th, the EP features five original tracks that meld Capovilla’s spare programming and lean synth lines with Homler’s otherworldly melodies and mind-expanding sound effects. Or as a press release puts it, “The whole record creates a world with no geographical coordinates, where humans meet their primary feelings in a suspended time, escaping the present and the intelligible world.”

Here’s what the duo had to say about its lead single, which premieres exclusively below….

We’ve chosen “Ricordo” as the perfect overview to present the entire ‘Vasi Comunicanti’ project. The track has a rhythmic pattern that expands itself, generating the load-bearing melodic element. This structure, along with the lead vocal, intensifies the introspective and meditative aspect. This is the chapter which follows the mood set up by “De’la Cocce”, changing the state of consciousness.

Anna Homler & Alessio Capovilla
Vasi Comunicanti
(Gang of Ducks, July 10th)

1. De’la Cocce
2. Ricordo
3. Bread Dance
4. Be’ya Sa’di
5. Mem