Baroness eBay Benefit Launches With Items From Neurosis, Mastodon, Kylesa and More

Baroness, Live @ Terminal 5

An eBay benefit for the mounting medical expenses of Baroness and the band’s crew launched this afternoon, featuring exclusives and rarities from such friends/fellow riff-rakers as Mastodon, Neurosis, Kylesa, Napalm Death and Coliseum. According to the effort’s organizers–Relapse manager Rennie Jaffe and the group’s sound engineer (Jason Lupietuu) and Webmaster (Nath Cöre)–”all proceeds will be given directly to the band and will not line the pockets of anyone involved. We are not here to make a profit from this fundraiser…We thank each and every band for their help and donations and appreciate it to no end. We all can’t wait to see our friends in Baroness relieved of burden in every way possible.”

In related news, the tour bus driver facing criminal charges for last August’s accident says he refuses to appear in court due to the fact that his summons on several criminal accounts was served in his home country of Germany and it needs to be done in the UK. “You can’t issue a warrant for his arrest unless he re-enters the UK and a summons is served on him,” lawyer Jonathan Markus said, referring to his client, Norman Markus. “The problem is he’s not going to come to this court. How are you going to get him here? I say I’m afraid you can’t.”

So in other words, Baroness is going to need all the help they can get. Check out shots of some of our favorite benefit items below, and the full, biddable rundown here

Red Fang's 'beer belt'

Original Paul Romano art

Original Paul Romano art

Neurosis' Roadburn poster

Neurosis' signed drum head

Meshuggah's signed cymbal

Mastodon's signed cymbal

Mastodon's signed snare drum

Kylesa's signed flexidisc

Kylesa's signed rejected test pressing

A benefit package from Decibel magazine

Signed Circle Takes the Square vinyl