Bicep Share Mix of Re-Edited Trance Records For BBC Radio 1


Look, we get it; you had a rough weekend, most likely marked by one too many at the first holiday party of the season to feature a fitting open bar. That’s where the following Bicep mix comes in; cut for Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1 show, it features a seamless mix of trance records that have been pitched down and re-edited for late nights and lost souls.


Damon Wild – Lazerium
Moby – Go (Voodoo Child Mix) (Bicep Edit)
Evolution – Metropolis (Bicep Edit)
Your Touch – R2001 (Bicep Edit)
Passin Thru’ The Surface – Fluxion
The Future Sound of London – Pulse State (Bicep Edit)
Leftfield – Release The Horns (Bicep Edit)
Structure – Emergency (Bicep Edit)
Foreign Force – Emotional Breeze (Bicep Edit)