Black To Comm Makes Us a Baroque Mix of Subzero Music

Black To Comm

Photography PELLE BUYS

The theme of this collage is Le Temps Perdu. It’s influenced by some of the French voices in the mix and its overall feeling of melancholia, gloom, and a yearning for something that isn’t quite there. It started out as a deep winter below-zero playlist but soon turned into something more Baroque.

I prefer to let the music guide me instead of me guiding the music. In the beginning there was that Labradford tune in the centre—which is perfect winter music in my universe—and the other tunes were slowly spreading themselves around it almost single-handedly. Treat yourself to a spoonful of cough syrup, a cup of hot chocolate with rum and some white Toblerone, and listen when you’re half-asleep….

1. Deux Filles – Mortuary
2. Christoph Heemann – Solstice
3. Áine O’Dwyer – Underlight
4. Henning Christiansen – The Walnut Tree Waves In The Wind
5. Akira Rabelais – where to let our scars fall in love
6. Michael Morley – The Dreams
7. William Basinski – Melancholia I
8. The Beacon Sound Choir – Drone 1
9. HSBC – Blaue Stunde
10. Labradford – Streamlining
11. Roy Montgomery – Landfall
12. Call Back the Giants – Fever Dreams – The Hunt
13. Black To Comm – Double Happiness in Temporal Decoy
14. Sarah Davachi – Evensong
15. Luc Ferrari – Unheimlich Schön
16. Zaïmph – Reality of Nothingness

Marc Richter’s latest Black To Comm LP, ‘Seven Horses For Seven Kings’, is now available via Thrill Jockey. Stream it below along with a new music video and some of the experimental composer’s past work.