Bleached Sign to Dead Oceans For Debut Album, Share New Single

Photo: Will Canzoneri

Presenting the first sign of spring: Ride Your Heart, the long-awaited debut album of Bleached. Due out April 2nd through their new label Dead Oceans, the album includes the duo’s previously released “Searching Through the Past” single and 11 other tracks, including the following A-side, which is streamable alongside Bleached’s Madlibs entry from an old issue of self-titled

Bleached - 'Ride Your Heart'

Bleached, Ride Your Heart (Dead Oceans, April 2nd):
1. Looking For A Fight
2. Next Stop
3. Outta My Mind
4. Dead In Your Head
5. Dreaming Without You
6. Waiting By The Telephone
7. Love Spells
8. Searching Through The Past
9. Ride Your Heart
10. Dead Boy
11. Guy Like You
12. When I Was Yours

[Download an iPad/Android-enhanced version of this issue here]