Broadcast Share Toys and Techniques Mix

In tribute to what would have been Trish Keenan’s 45th birthday, Toys and Techniques—one of the Broadcast singer’s favorite blogs—has made a mixtape of otherworldly obscurities for the band’s official blog, complete with cover art from their close friend and collaborator Julian House (The Focus Group, Ghost Box Music).

Check it out below, and if you’ve forgotten why Keenan’s passing was such a devastating blow to underground music, here are some thoughts the Guardian shared when she died of pneumonia in early 2011…

Trish’s Toys & Techniques Birthday Tape:
Warli Paintings – Ragunath Seth
Da Consumarsi Con Grazia – F:A.R.
Please Don’t Keep Me Waiting – Madalyn Merkey
The Aqueducts of Channel Island – Monopoly Child Star Searchers
Space Face – Eric Vann
El Suplicio – Benedetto Ghiglia
Khandhar – Bhaskar Chandavarkar
Meanwhile Back At The Tulip Boat, Stinky And Gus Make Warplanes/Your Living Constitution (Dies) – Le Forte Four
IV 18:54 – Rene Hell
Robert Nelson’s Bleu Shut – Blue Crumb Truck
Aladdin’s Magic Lamp – Father Sound
Pai Khlong – phunsi charoenphong & the saman kanchanaphalin band
I Passion You A Leap Of Love-Flame – Iasos
Kosmiskt intermezzo – Bjorn Vikhoff
Locomotion – Don Fraser & Steeleye Span
Anmari Fukasugite – Melting Glass Box
Equinox: A Journey into the Supernatural
Music of the Spheres – Steve Birchall
Gran Bolita (film leader)
River Movement – J.D. Emmanuel
Shulie (end titles) – Le Deuce
Fossilized Whispers – Spiderwebs
Derelictdolhouse – Sleep ? Over