Clark Readies ‘Bach Evolution’ Piece For Love Classical Series



Considering he once professed his love for Pantera and Prince—not to mention how restless his own records are—we probably shouldn’t be surprised that Clark is a fan of Johann Sebastian Bach. A big one actually, to the point where he’s performing a new Bach-inspired piece as part of Royal Albert Hall’s Love Classical season tomorrow night. Turns out the Bach Evolution program is headlined by Clark with a little help from cellist Oliver Coates.

“We are hatching fiendish plans,” explains Clark. “[Oliver] is great. I bought another Disklavier to rehearse and have ended up turning my house into a piano. I can’t really see beyond this show and oh yeah, don’t forget to occasionally eat some broccoli and sleep a bit.”

As for why Clark’s so into Bach, the producer says “he has Newtonian levels of influence on the world of music. When I’m learning another composer’s music, I quite often have the sheer cheek to think ‘I would choose a different note to that’. That literally never happens with Bach. You can try and choose a better note, but you never will. Someone said to me once ‘you can have an opinion on his work, whatever, but his music is like gravity’.”

As a special preview of tomorrow’s show, Clark was kind enough to share a similar improv track. Here’s what he had to say about it, along with a couple performance videos and Clark’s recent AA single….

I sent this piano melody to Nils Frahm about 49 years ago (2015) to ask him to play it, he politely declined and said it was too fast. I reckon he could nail it with a bit of practice, but in the meantime it was quite fun building things around it on my old Disklavier, it’s well shonky that machine, it’s not my main boy. I love the tone of it though.