COMING SOON: Brian Eno, ‘Drums Between the Bells’

The Artist/Album: Brian Eno, Drums Between the Bells (Warp, July 5th)

The Details: According to a press release, Eno “first came across the work of Rick Holland in the late ’90s during the Map-Making project; a series of collaborative works between students of the Royal College, the Guildhall School of Music, the Royal Academy of Music, the Royal College of Music, the National Youth Orchestra and the English National Ballet, among others.” The pair’s first sessions were sparked in 2003 and they’ve worked in the studio together on and off ever since. Drums Between the Bells ties up all of the loose ends from those tracks with one tidy album featuring Holland’s words, several guest vocalists, and Eno’s music.

You can check out the complete tracklisting after the jump, along with a streaming version of a spastic little song called “glitch”…

Brian Eno, Drums Between the Bells:
1. bless this space
2. glitch
3. dreambirds
4. pour it out
5. seedpods
6. the real
7. the airman
8. fierce aisles of light
9. as if your eyes were partly closed as if you honed the swirl wihtin them and offered me … the world
10. a title
11. sounds alien
12. dow
13. multimedia
14. cloud 4
15. breath of crows