COMING SOON: Pantha Du Prince, ‘XI Versions of Black Noise’

The Artist/Album: Pantha Du Prince, XI Versions of Black Noise (Rough Trade, April 19th)

The Details: Since he’s currently working on an audiovisual installation in Berlin, a dance piece in Paris, and a new live show “incorporating ambitious lighting and visual elements,” Pantha Du Prince has decided to deliver an 11-track collection of remixes as a stopgap release for the rest of the year. While the producer’s ‘Panda Bear song’ (“Stick To My Side”) was already released as a maxi-single featuring the handiwork of Four Tet, Lawrence, Walls, Carsten Jost, and Efdemin, the other half of this record is fairly new. That includes contributions from the king of dub techno (Basic Channel’s Moritz Von Oswald) and longtime Pantha fans Animal Collective.

Check out the full breakdown below, along with a free MP3 of Four Tet’s remix…

Pantha Du Prince, XI Versions of Black Noise:
1. Moritz Von Oswald: Welt Am Draht
2. Die Vögel: Welt Am Draht
3. Lawrence: Stick to My Side
4. Four Tet: Stick to My Side
5. The Sight Below: A Nomad’s Retreat
6. Efdemin: Stick to My Side
7. Hieroglyphic Being: Satellite Sniper
8. Carsten Jost: Stick to My Side
9. Animal Collective: Welt Am Draht
10. Fata Morgana: Lay in a Shimmer
11. Walls: Stick to My Side