COMING SOON: Wagon Christ, ‘Toomorrow’

The Artist/Album: Wagon Christ, Toomorrow (Ninja Tune, March 29)

The Details: Luke Vibert dons his most popular production guise for the first time in seven years. And guess what? As you’re about to hear in the following minimix, Toomorrow is a return to sample-splicing form that’s totally ’90s in all the right ways…

Wagon Christ, Toomorrow:
1. Introfunktion
2. Toomorrow
3. Manalyze This!
4. Ain’t He Heavy, He’s My Brother
5. Accordian McShane
6. My Lonely Scene
7. Respectrum
8. Rennie Codgers
9. Oh, I’m Tired
10. Wake Up
11.Lazer Dick
12. Sentimental Hardcore
13. Chunkothy
14. Harmoney
15. Mr. Mukatsuku