COMING SOON: Machinedrum, ‘Room(s)’

The Artist/Album: Machinedrum, Room(s) (Planet Mu, August 2nd)

The Details: Travis Stewart celebrates the tenth anniversary of his first Machinedrum full-length (the IDM-leaning Now You Know) by calling bullshit on the claim that the world’s best bass-heavy music is solely a British export. Simply put, Room(s) is our runaway favorite for Electronic Record of the Year, a twitchy but tuneful celebration of brisk tempos, subgenre-skimming (UK funky, drum & bass, footwork–you name it, he’s got it) samples, and massive hooks. Seriously; we’ve repeatedly embarrassed ourselves while blasting such standouts as “She Died There,” “Sacred Frequency” and “U Don’t Survive.” Apparently, it’s not normal to sing “Now is the time/To be alive!” while in the company of others on the subway. Sorry guys; we didn’t get the memo. And with tunes this big, we frankly don’t care.

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