COMING SOON: Liturgy, ‘Aesthetica’

The Artist/Album: Liturgy, Aesthetica (Thrill Jockey, May 10)

The Details: One of Brooklyn’s most promising black-metal bands joins the label Tortoise and post-rock itself built. Potential haters aside, the pairing makes perfect sense considering the Chicago imprint’s continued expansion into more experimental/heavy fare like Barn Owl and Eternal Tapestry. Liturgy may be the first and last Thrill Jockey artist to feature full-on howling, but their interest in film scores (Vangelis, Angelo Badalamenti) and post-Romanticism is enough to infuse some deeper levels of meaning into the band’s masterful racket. Here’s an edit of one meandering track from the new one, along with a tracklisting…

Liturgy, Aesthetica:
1. High Gold
2. True Will
3. Returner
4. Generation
5. Tragic Laurel
6. Sun Of Light
7. Helix Skull
8. Glory Bronze
9. Veins Of God
10. Red Crown
11. Glass Earth
12. Harmonia