DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Rafael Anton Irisarri Live In London, Plus Listen To Collabs With Benoit Pioulard, Fennesz & Goldmund

Photo: Bob Hansen

You may remember Rafael Anton Irisarri from his stellar Needle Exchange mix as the Sight Below. If not, let’s just say the first three tracks are This Mortal Coil, the Durutti Column, and the Cure, and the rest–all live vinyl blends, mind you–maintains a moonlit feel that’s perfect for the defrosted days ahead.

As for what Irisarri sounds like when he’s not working under an alias, think the kind of neo-classical soundscapes that appeal to Fennesz fans, Wire readers, and minor-keyed mopes like us. The London set below is from a compilation that’s available on a pay-what-you-want scale at Irisarri’s Bandcamp account. A $1 Satie piece (featuring Goldmund) was also uploaded there today. You can sample both tracks below, along with a Broadcast cover (featuring Benoit Pioulard) and two live Fennesz collabs…

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