COMING SOON: Crystal Stilts, ‘In Love With Oblivion’

The Artist/Album: Crystal Stilts, In Love With Oblivion (April 12, Slumberland)

The Details: As guitarist JB Townsend told us in the eighth issue of self-titled, “I want the Crystal Stilts to sound as classic as it can sound. I think the new record is going to be way less weird than the first one. But the first one was also very simple, and there’s a drum machine under the songs and I recorded drums over it. This one has more of a poppy sound, influenced more by the ’60s and its more ‘band’-sounding.”

So there you have it. Read more of our exclusive interview with Townsend and his roommate–Captured Tracks founder/Blank Dogs frontman Mike Sniper–after the jump, right alongside the album’s first single, the jingle/jangle of “Shake the Shackles.”