COMING SOON: Maria Minerva, ‘Sacred & Profane Love’

The Artist/Album: Maria Minerva, Sacred & Profane Love (100% Silk, November 15th)

What To Expect: While her choruses are still partly cloudy, Maria Minerva’s fourth release of the year–arriving after an ether-clearing EP, limited cassette, and buzz-stirring album–is also her finest hour. Featuring six bass-heavy stabs at a dance floor that exists solely in Minerva’s mind, Sacred & Profane Love pulls its cues from dubstep, house, world music, pop and disco without ever fully subscribing to any sound in particular. The result is restless and as close to big room dance music as an underground artist could ever hope to be. Let’s just say that when Minerva says “Pump it!” with a smile as synths wash over “A Love So Strong,” we can’t help but to tear our speakers apart in turn.