Darkside Share a Spare, Bluesy Song From Their Debut Album ‘Psychic’

“We wanted this record to feel experiential rather than musical,” Nicolas Jaar told Pitchfork recently, referring to his debut album with Darkside. “So we’d be going back into large chunks of the album saying, ‘No, we need an organ really low in the mix here so we feel like it’s still a world.’ It’s music, but it’s also this little crystal orb that’s full of these feelings that are crazy, and painful, and maybe ecstatic.”

Contrasts were also key, as you’re about to hear below in the slowly developing storyline of the previously shared “Golden Arrow” and the frostbitten blues of the record’s second teaser, “Paper Trails”…

‘Psychic’ is due out October 8th through Other People/Matador.