Download a Free Hieroglyphic Being Album and a Previously Unreleased Interplanetary Planets Jam

As we get set to host our first Brooklyn party in what feels like forever, self-titled would like to share some rarities, mixes and previously unreleased material related to our headliners, Hieroglyphic Being and Ital.

First up: a streaming version of the free album Jamal Moss dropped via The Wire last week:

When asked about his seemingly endless string of elusive, left-field records, Moss told the magazine, “I never really set out to make sounds for the club or the DJ, I make them for all ears that will listen and maybe be inspired by it for positive purposes. Or hate on it for negative purposes. Either they make me better at what I do, or go out and make it how they think it should sound. Believe me, I got a lot of haters out there letting me know how it should be done, and I have a lot of lovers of what I do modify and apply my sound. It makes it to the dance by three degrees of separation regardless.”

Another example of this would be the raw Interplanetary Prophets demo Daniel Martin-McCormick just sent our way. It features his partner in truly progressive house speaking over siren calls and sputtering synths like he’s in the middle of a space battle:

Still not convinced that this is how you should spend your Saturday night? Here’s lots of other listening opportunities that should help change your mind…

[youlist pid=”PLlxVAExh_bYZTlvnKR3pC7hORi8RpiIJp” width=”960″ height=”540″]