Download a New Ricardo Donoso Mix and Stream His ‘As Iron Sharpens Iron’ EP

Ricardo Donoso

As Digitalis Recordings get set to release the second 12” in Ricardo Donoso’s new EP series later this week, the Brazilian producer has shared a live DJ set that was cut on a tennis court a couple weeks back. (No, really; it was a private Halloween party.) Like Donoso’s own work, it dwells in the shadows and occupies the not-quite-dance-music realm shared by artists like Roly Porter, Sandwell District and Shifted.

Stream/download the entire recording below, alongside a complete stream of the As Iron Sharpens Iron 12”…

Ricardo Donoso, ‘Sport of Kings’ Mix:
Paul Jebanasem – Rites III (Subtext)
Yellow Tears – Untitled 2 (Hospital Productions)
TM404 – 303 303 303 303 808 (Kontra Musik)
Jon Hopkins – Breathe This Air (Domino)
Koenraad Ecker – Oran pt.1 (Digitalis)
Function – Incubation [prologue] (Ostgut Ton)
Sandwell District – Immolare [Silent Servent Version] (Sandwell District)
Sub Space – Bi machine (Labrynth)
Orphx – Vanishing Point (Sonic Groove)
Ancient Methods – Guardians of an Eternal Bliss (Unknown Precept)
Prurient – I Have a Message For You (Hospital Productions)
Yves De Mey – Transfer #1 [Shifted Remix] (Modal Analysis)
The Smoke Clears – Star Shine (Further)
Roly Porter – Cloud (Subtext)
Danny Howells – Black Cat [Brendon Moeller Remix] (Dig Deeper)
Audio Injection – Darker (Prosthetic Pressings)
Dario Zenker – Cat Stance (Time To Express)
Charlton – Argibalt [Regis Mix] (Labrynth)
Oscar Mulero – Disinformation [Orphx Digital Edit Remix] (Warm Up)
Ricardo Donoso – Diagonal Environment [Recondite Remix] (Digitalis)