NEEDLE EXCHANGE 107: An Exclusive Mix By … Ricardo Donoso

Ricardo Donoso

Ricardo Donoso

Well then; Ricardo Donoso has downright outdone himself this week, pushing the sunrise sonics of his Progress Chance LP even further with the mesmerizing melodies and deep listening detours of Assimilating the Shadow. Check it out via Digitalis’ Bandcamp page down below, right alongside an exclusive mix of artists we’ve never heard of before and absolutely need to explore further now…

Altar Eagle, “New Designs (Ricardo Donoso Lost Edit)”
Remix I did for some friends of mine, who have an excellent album coming out at the end of the month. This remix will be available with a slew of others from Crash Symbols. It was really cool for me to work with vocals again, really looking forward to more. Straight beatless stadium trance banger.

Plastikman, “Korridor”
My favorite Hawtin tune. Huge influence for me, especially this track; I used to open with it all the time at impromptu after parties where we would take turns ‘DJing’. Dark, brooding and essential.

Cliff Martinez, “Handshake”
One of my biggest influences in the last few years. I really identified with his music, and with the fact that he also comes from a drumming background–played for RHCP no less–and then became involved in film composition and electronic music. Love this track; it’s super dynamic and just all around slick, showcasing a nice sense of rhythm and harmony/melody.

KPLR, “Errorhythm4”
Unreleased tune from one of my favorite contemporary acts. Super raw fucked up techno machinations.

Panabrite, “Windswept Regions”
Out of the whole synth revival thing in the U.S. underground, Panabrite to me has the most unique voice, by a long shot. This is my favorite track, which I believe was recorded live in one take, and just has a real forward moving almost techno quality to me.

Nuel, “Cause & Effect”
Trance Mutation was my favorite record from last year; a real eloquent use of odd time signatures and a real keen sense of melody. I’ve always been a sucker for these scale modes as well.

Pilotpreist, “Body Double”
Been listening to this guy a ton. Kind of a Daft Punk meets John Carpenter thing–super controlled and deep. Watch out for this guy.

KFW, “Live at Smash Palace (Edit)”
This is a board recording of a live set Keith [Fullerton Whitman] did at a festival I help put together in 2008, probably still my favorite set of his I’ve seen.