NEEDLE EXCHANGE 120: An Exclusive Mix By… Violetshaped

Now that their s/t-approved debut is available in a limited vinyl run (grab the only copy we’ve got here), we thought we’d ask Shapednoise and his mysterious Violetshaped collaborator Violet Poison to share an exclusive mix that’s more like a mission statement, including some forthcoming material on their own label and Vatican Shadow’s Bed of Nails imprint. Here’s what they sent us back…

“Recorded using vinyl and unreleased promo CD tracks. We tried to mantain a narrative logic, with dramatic and melancholic influences, that creates a soulful and powerful energy. It could tell a story of an ordinary man who tries to overcome his fears, living in a kind of paraxodical cybernetic world where advanced technology is used to encourage to believe in the ‘absolute truth’ of an Orwellian dictatorship which pushes retrograde ideals. It’s a mix where the edge of utopia and dystopia is not very clear, and we really feel this to be actual.”

1. Maurizio Nannucci – Definizioni
2. Shapednoise – Branches Of Utopian or Dystopian
3. Alberich – No Mistake
4. Monoton – Leben Im Dschungel
5. Raica – Dose
7. Strom ec. – Malignant Antibodies
8. Acarus Galvanicus – H
9. Charlatan – Anti-Crash Device
10. Alexander Lewis – Figure Moving
11. Violetshaped – Cx310 (JK FLESH Reshape) (forthcoming on Violet Poison)
12. Violetshaped – Spectral Nightdrive
13. Alberich – Image of progress
14. Violet Poison – Babylon Suicide (Forthcoming on Bed Of Nails)