NEEDLE EXCHANGE 149: An Exclusive Mix By… TEEN


Words by Teeny Lieberson

Taste always changes, especially mine. I’m constantly looking for something new that will give me something to return to. I need a good singer, a strong melody, twists, explosions, and a pulsing, ever-changing mood. Pop within the wonderful confines of the abstract. Something I can understand, but might take me a minute to do so. I can also just like a good hook.

These are a few tracks that I’ve discovered in the recent years that I keep coming back to over and over again…

1. Aphex Twin, “Ageispolis”
2. Dual Split, “Miles Away”
3. Cocteau Twins, “Fifty-Fifty Clown”
4. B-52’s, “Mesopotamia”
5. Funkadelic, “Hit It And Quit It”
6. Shamir, “If It Wasn’t True”
7. Little Dragon, “Brush the Heat”
8. Luke Temple, “Florida”
9. Alice Coltrane, “Jai Rama Chandra”


TEEN’s latest album, ‘The Way and Color’, is now available through Carpark. Check out tracks from it and the group’s previous records below…