Sigur Rós Share Plot, Screengrab of ‘Simpsons’ Appearance

Sigur Ros on 'The Simpsons'

Sigur Ros on 'The Simpsons'

Lest you think they don’t possess a sense of humor, Sigur Rós have happily divulged the details of their upcoming appearance on The Simpsons. Here’s the full breakdown, via Pitchfork

sigur rós have scored part of an upcoming episode of the simpsons. the episode, which will feature new, original music by sigur rós, as well as their take on the simpsons’ theme song, will air on may 19th. in the episode, entitled “the saga of carl,” homer, moe, lenny, and carl team up to buy a winning lottery ticket, but after carl snags the ticket and flees to his home country of iceland, the guys head there in hot pursuit. the band’s music scores homer’s visit to iceland, marking an unprecedented musical collaboration between the show and a band; with this episode, sigur rós have written and performed more original music for the simpsons than any other outside band in the show’s history.

says simpsons creator matt groening, “i’m a longtime fan of sigur rós, and we’re honored to bring their icelandic, ambient moods to our goofy cartoon show.”

So there you have it–Homer in Hopelandic. Stranger things have happened, like Banksy producing the show’s title sequence and not-so-subtly slamming 20th Century Fox…