Bok Bok
“Healing” Mix

Bok Bok

Not content with simply reminding us to snag his new single this week, Bok Bok has shared a new “Healing” mix that’s heavy on the house tunes and opens with an R&B mix of Omar S. Medicinal club music then, complete with enough question marks to keep more discerning floors guessing. Download it for free here, or stream it below right alongside both sides of the producer’s latest Night Slugs release…

1. OMAR S presents COLONEL ABRAMS – Who Wrote The Book Of Love? (R&B mix)
2. KARIZMA x BOK & SWEYN – Papaya Twyst
3. GREYMAN – XZero (BB edit)
4. MARLON D – Jesus Created Sound (Drumz)
5. HELIX – ?
6. QX-1 – Love Injection (Out The Jungle Mixx)
7. BOK X TRIBAL INFUSION – Sumba Foxtrot
8. NEANA – ?
9. ? – Feminine Ultra
10. O B IGNITT – Let It Do What It Does (OMAR S mix)
11. ARMAND x BAS NOIR – Witchdok Came To Me
12. NEANS & DEAMS – ?
13. ROMANTHONY – Change (Remix)
14. HYSTERICS x BOK BOK – Club Howard
15. MARK IMPERIAL – Hypnotic House (House Nation Mix)
16. JACKSTREET INC. – Here We Go
17. IX LIE’VZ – Life’s Not The Same (Underground Mix)