Download Charles Manier’s Juno Plus Mix

Charles Manier album

If you only know Tadd Mullinix’s Dabrye records or his acid rain alias James T. Cotton, then you’re missing out on the Detroit producer’s more recent U-turn as Charles Manier. A project that was largely shelved after the early Ghostly International EP Bang Bang Lover, it recently reemerged with a long overdue double LP through Chicago’s Nation imprint. As you can see in the exclusive Juno Plus podcast below, it’s a must for the growing hordes of heads who have fallen for the black-hearted beats of EBM, industrial and cold-wave once again…

1. Minimal Man – Run Devil Run
2. Jerry Goldsmith – Love Shop
3. Eurythmics – You Take Some Lentils And You Take Some Rice
4. Die Form – Sex By Force
5. Severed Heads – Charivari
6. Die Form – Damaged Corpse
7. Charles Manier- Your Body
8. Wolf Mueller – Planzentanz (Kontan Chok mix)
9. Liaisons Dangereuses – Avant – après Mars
10. Liaisons Dangereuses – El macho y la nena
11. Mark Lane – Who’s Really Listening
12. Chris & Cosey – Loop
13. Ruth – Polaroid-Roman-Photo
14. CH BB – Go Go Go
15. Das Ding – HSTA – Take Me Away
16. Yello – I.T. Splash
17. Residents – Diskomo
18. Charles Manier – Uncompromised Awareness
19. Charles Manier- Goldielox
20. Cabaret Voltaire – Breathe Deep
21 .Richard H Kirk – Shaking down the tower of babel (pitched down)
22. Vainio / Väisänen / Vega – Sick Sick USA
23. The Naughtiest Girl Was A Monitor – Synthesizers (the story so far)
24. Deekay Jones – New York, New York
25. The Legendary Pink Dots – Neon Gladiators (Version one)
26. Stakker – FX Dial
27. Chris & Cosey – Sequencer