SONG OF THE DAY: Total Control, “Flesh War”

Photo by Karl Scullin

After taking a brief break to discuss the finer points of Rod Stewart and write a couple rounds of semi-related dance tunes, the boys in Total Control are back with their long-awaited second LP. Due out June 24th through the small Seattle imprint Iron Lung—guess the group showed the bigger labels that were looking to steal them away the door—Typical System is off to a synth-laced start with the lead single “Flesh War.” It’s not the teeth-gnashing punk track you might expect after hearing their Henge Beat album, but even that record dabbled in electronic textures and script rewrites that really pay off here. May the New Order/Romantic comparisons commence…

Total Control - 'Typical System' album art

Total Control, Typical System (Iron Lung, June 24th):
1. Glass
2. Expensive Dog
3. Flesh War
4. Systematic Fuck
5. Liberal Party
6. Two Less Jacks
7. Black Spring
8. The Ferryman
9. Hunter
10. Safety Set