Evian Christ
‘404 Not Found’ Mix

As club/battle-ready as Evian Christ’s eagerly anticipated Waterfall EP is, the elusive producer has always leaned more on the heady side of the spectrum when it comes to his mixes. Always thoughtful in concept and execution—see: his Record Store Day-immortalized meditation on a Soviet radio transmitter, “Duga-3’’—they typically reference everything from beat-less stretches of ambient bliss to euphoric rushes of Tiësto-free trance. Case in point: the brain-mashing “404 Not Found” mix he just delivered to Resident Advisor. When asked about the set, Evian Christ said, “I’m not really sure. I’d just got back from Jamaica, so I generally threw a bunch of weird ambient/trancey songs at some dancehall stuff I’d been listening to out there… alongside some edits and unreleased bits from various people.”

Among the spoils: an exclusive Actress refix, a previously unreleased track from Tri Angle labelmate FIS, some SPK, a little New Age, and an oldie-but-goodie from Autechre. Have a listen below and download it direct from RA here

RA.404 tracklisting

‘Waterfall’ is due out March 17th through Tri Angle.