DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Agalloch’s Rare (Le) Poisson Rouge Set

[Photos by La Glò]

Fifteen years. That’s a hell of a long time to avoid playing New York City. And yet there Agalloch were at (Le) Poisson Rouge last week–delivering two hours of transcendent black-metal, rounded out by venom-dipped vocals, diamond-edged drums, and riffs that wind like the roads in some faraway land. And by some faraway land, we simply mean the woods of Oregon, which Agalloch channel in their dizzying compositions, music that isn’t hellish so much as a celebration of whatever natural landscape remains in the Pacific Northwest.

Frankly, you had to be there. But if you weren’t, NPR was nice enough to capture a soundboard-quality recording of the entire set. You can grab it below (the setlist is in the info tab), along with some video footage…