DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Amon Tobin, “Angel of Theft”

Amon Tobin - 'Angel of Theft' edit

Amon Tobin - 'Angel of Theft' edit We’ve all been there before: staring down a mounting pile of bills with the only solution–selling the only records in your collection actually worth something–becoming less of a conscious decision than a matter of survival. That’s where our head was at back when self-titled was based in Philly and chasing far too many delinquent accounts down, leading us to unleash prized possessions like the translucent red 12” to your left. A Slayer edit covertly cut by Amon Tobin at a time where shows like this weren’t even in their planning stages, “Angel of Theft” is exactly what the title suggests.

Meaning: Slayer’s “Angel of Death,” spliced with sputtering breakcore beats. Pretty numbskull-y really, and yet oh so satisfying, right down to the etched pentagram on the B-side. Since this single is long out-of-print, we thought we’d share its lunkheaded loops in tribute to the group’s fallen guitarist, Jeff Hanneman…