DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Bathetic’s ‘Expressway’ Compilation, Featuring Dirty Beaches, Xander Harris, Cough Cool & More

Photo by Aaron Richter

Alex Zhang Hungtai of Dirty Beaches and William Cody Watson have curated a special compilation for the latter’s Bathetic label called Expressway. Featuring exclusives from both artists and such fringe favorites as Cough Cool, Xander Harris and Wet Hair, it’s meant as a travelogue of sorts.

Or as Hungtai puts it on the record’s liner notes page, “Whether its years spent on the road, relocating to another town, working to pay the rent, playing numerous gigs underpaid or with zero pay, writing until eyes crossed, recording until ears decay, dying in a Tibetan sense, or simply living, this compilation is a collective meditation of our personal travels. One of love, of hate, of wander, and of mileage.”

Hit the road below…