DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Blur, “Fool’s Day”

The Song In a Couple Sentences: Look, we’ll take anything from Blur these days, even if it’s only a one-sided Record Store Day 7-inch–their first proper song in seven years. The mellow, Sunday morning-friendly “Fool’s Day” (the song even appropriately reports “on a cold day in spring time”) feels stylistically similar to Blur’s more “mature” material (“Coffee & TV,” “Good Song”), with guitarist Graham Coxon’s robotic acoustic strum and singer Damon Albarn’s lazy yearn. It’s an interesting end note considering the chances of a reunion album are nil, as the Brits say. Having seen them at Hyde Park this summer, we can say that Blurs’ boys and girls will be more than ready to welcome them back if Albarn ever decides to abandon these cartoon shenanigans for his former day job.