DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Check Out Six New Tracks From Weird Wives, The New Noise-Rock Side Project of Surfer Blood

The two guys in the middle do not approve this message

Photo by Jen Maler

Oh Twitter, we love thee. Why, you ask? Because without you we wouldn’t know such important things as Zomby’s Soundcloud sketches and the following blast of Big Blackness from Weird Wives, a new noise-rock project from 3/5 of Surfer Blood (guitarist Thomas Fekete, bassist Brian Black and touring percussionist/keyboardist Marcos Marchesani) and some verse-chewing singer named Nick Klein.

As leaked on the band’s own Twitter account last night, here is one two-track single and a complete EP with such tellingly-named cuts as “Snake Boy” and the nine ear-ringing, pedal-pushing minutes of “Bulldozer Puppet Fucker.” Sounds like someone’s been listening to a lot of Lightning Bolt, Unsane and Jesus Lizard. A proper 7-inch of even more Weird Wives wackiness is on the way soon… 

EP 1 (Final Mix):


“Bulldozer Puppet Fucker”


“Business Man”




“Snake Boy”

EP 2: