DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Cold Cave, “Life Magazine (The Arthur Baker’s Not Going Back Mix)”

The Song In a Couple Sentences: Um, do we even have to describe this remix? The names “Cold Cave” and “Arthur Baker” should be enough reason to Read More. And if it isn’t, let us briefly explain why: the former landed on our sixth cover because their frontman (Wesley Eisold) is determined to channel everything from Throbbing Gristle to Fad Gadget in his future-forward music, and the latter is Arthur…Fucking…Baker. That’d be the Boston native who produced “Planet Rock” and several key New Order singles, including “Confusion” and “Thieves Like Us.” Considering how everyone lovvvves to compare Cold Cave to New Order, this remix (one of four on a Life Magazine EP that’s due out June 8th) is quite appropriate. And amazing.