DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Dean Blunt + Inga Copeland, ‘The Attitude Era’

If the twisted Dean Blunt tape self-titled posted a few months back wasn’t enough free Hype Williams music for you, we’ve got some good news: Blunt and his main collaborator, Inga Copeland, have paired a rare Guardian interview with a collection of unreleased tracks called The Attitude Era. Available for download below (or in a zipped Mediafire file), it includes everything from a two-second “rejected” Slugabed remix to outtakes from their One Nation/The Narcissist sessions. Here’s how they describe it:

sorry to anyone we promised these tunes to.cannae deal with them anymore.start again.

Dean and Inga

Oh, and if you’re wondering just what the duo’s ‘deal’ is, they’ll be performing at (Le) Poisson Rouge on April 19–two days after their Black is Beautiful LP drops on Hyperdub–as part of Unsound’s annual New York festival…