DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Dirty Beaches, ‘Chess Music’ Cassette

Via the Dirty Beaches blog:

This was originally recorded around 2007, when my friends were playing chess at my apartment in Montreal on Parc Ave. Originally created as a drone instrumental soundtrack for some imaginary film noir picture that doesn’t exist. At the time, I was obsessed with the idea of trying to make my guitar sound like a trumpet, warping it into different instruments sonically. Chess music was born in our minds that night like some black jet bombing a nameless landscape into hell as their game of chess carried on.

The recording is from a tape transfer to my computer in 2007, from this piece of shit shoebox recorder I bought at a Jewish camera store on Parc Ave for $20. The project was then abandoned after I started working on “HORROR” for Fixture Records. I’ve tried to clean it up as much as I can digitally, after rediscovering it on my hard drive today.

It is now exorcised into digital format from the grave.

Find out more about one of our favorite new artists here, and grab his rather testy Chess Music tape below…