DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: ERAAS, “Briar Path (Silent Servant Reinterpretation)”



Just in time for tonight’s Mercury Lounge show with Holograms–a show we’ll be covering on our Twitter later–ERAAS have unveiled a special Silent Servant “reinterpretation” of their “Briar Path” single. In case you’re unfamiliar, ERAAS is the first signing to felte, a new imprint from Ghostly International’s longtime label manager Jeff Owens. Judging by the murky sound of the songs below, it’s bound to be a Brooklyn-based answer to Blackest Ever Black–something synth-laced and spooky that brings out the dark side in all of us.

Speaking of moody dance music, Silent Servant will release his first post-Sandwell District record through Dominick Fernow’s Hospital Productions label next Monday. Check out the cover art and complete tracklisting of the producer’s limited Negative Fascination LP below, right alongside three free ERAAS tracks…

ERAAS, ERAAS (Felte, October 1st):
1. Black House
2. A Presence
3. At Heart
4. Ghost
5. Skinning
6. Moon
7. Briar Path
8. Crosscut
9. Fang
10. Crescent
11. Trinity

Silent Servant - 'Negative Fascination'

Silent Servant, Negative Fascination (Hospital Productions, September 10th):
1. Process (Introduction)
2. Invocation Of Lust
3. Moral Divide (Endless)
4. The Strange Attractor
5. Temptation & Desire
6. A Path Eternal
7. Utopian Disaster (End)