DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Jamie and Romy of the XX Deliver Two Very Different Mixtapes For Colette and The Pop Manifesto

Photo: Jen Maler

Judging by the fact that their server crashed a couple times in the past week, some of you must know about the exclusive xx mix available from our friends at The Pop Manifesto right now along with features on Neon Indian, Smith Westerns and Pantha Du Prince. Carefully compiled for the lovers in the audience by singer/multi-instrumentalist Romy Madley Croft, it features slow jams from Chromatics (“I’m On Fire”), Massive Attack (“Protection”) and 13 other smooth operators. (UPDATE: TPM‘s down again, so we’ve posted Romy’s mix for your streaming/downloading pleasure below. Just be sure to tip your server on the way out by reading the actual issue, as we consider The Pop Manifesto one of the few ‘digital magazines’ worth reading…outside of self-titled, of course.)

In semi-related news, the trio’s main producer, Jamie Smith, unveiled his contribution to a Colette comp last month. The limited CD pressing is pretty pricey, though, so we’ve taken the luxury of uploading the MP3 version below. As you can probably tell from the tracklisting, it’s got some of the past year’s strongest electronic singles on lock, from Darkstar’s “Aidy’s Girl Is a Computer” to that Joy Orbison jam “Hyph Mngo.”

Bjork – I Miss You
Exile – Love Line
Massive Attack – Protection
Handsome Boy Modeling School – I’ve Been Thinking Ft Cat Power
Smoke City – Underwater Love
Electrelane – I Only Always Think
Goldfrapp – Black Cherry (M83 Remix)
Radiohead – Reckoner
Chromatics – I’m On Fire
Pantha Du Prince – Saturn Strobe
Cooly G – Love Dub
Mount Kimbie – Maybes
Martina Topley Bird – Sandpaper Kisses
Elastica – My Sex
Burial – UK

Electrelane : I Only Always Think
The Streets : Streets Score
The XX : Crystalised (DarkSky Remix)
Silentone : Beat For
Rossi B & Luca : Jah No Dead
Clubroot : Lucid Dream
Darkstar : Aidy’s Girl Is a Computer
Burial : Unite
Fantastic Mr Fox & Rich Reason : Lo-Fi-Ve
Joy Orbison : Hyph Mngo
Skream : Trapped In a Dark Bubble
Silentone : DUB PLATE 1
Aardvarck : One1
James Blake : Sparing The Horse
Boogaloo Crew : Hedgehog Sound
Zomby : Expert Tuition
Deadboy : Heartbreaker
Bad Autopsy : Psionic Terror
Cooly G : Narst
zed bias : To the left (test)
MJ Cole feat. Serocee : AO (MJ’s Open Your Gob Dubb)
DJ Champion: Motherboard
Bertrand Dupart : Ketokole (Boddhi Satva Ancestrial Mix) Fantastic Mr Fox : Plimsoul
Emvee : Glitch Dub
Dorian Concept : Trilingual Dance Sexperience
Silentone : You’ve Got No Love (Feat. Nigh)
Egypt : In The Morning (Original Club Mix)