DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Phoenix, “Entertainment (Dinosaur Jr. Remix)”

Dinosaur Jr.'s Phoenix "remix"

Dinosaur Jr.'s Phoenix "remix" Well this is unexpected: a Phoenix “remix” by Dinosaur Jr. that downplays the obnoxious, “Hong Kong Garden”-on-overdrive vibe of the band’s original “Entertainment” single in favor of a subtle slow-burner that wouldn’t sound out of place on a J Mascis solo album. We’re not quite sure why it qualifies as a remix when it’s more like a melancholic cover, but it’s worth a listen nonetheless.

Grab it down below, right alongside Phoenix’s rather entertaining–see what we did there?–video, a head scratcher from the delirious/demented mind of Patrick Daughters that unfolds like a drastically abbreviated, and far superior, version of Cloud Atlas …