DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Salem’s ‘Mother Always’ Mixtape, Featuring Drag Edits of Swans, Smashing Pumpkins, Cam’ron and More

Photo by Alexander Wagner

Say what you will about Salem‘s actual music. Personally, we dig everything they’ve done, save for the murder-rap songs that’re drowned in cough syrup on their King Night album. (Side note: You can still stream it alongside Salem’s commentary here.) If we wanted to hear pitched-down tracks like that, we’d download one of the group’s mixtapes. Like the one below, which was cut for L.A.’s monthly Check Yo’ Ponytail 2 party…

Salem, Mother Always Mixtape:
1. all ur trubles is tha same- drag (smashing pumpkins)
2. 4 ur luv- drag
3. predator- drag (women in love)
4. i eat it- drag (lil nico)
5. u- drag (camron)
6. eulogy 2 lenny bruce- drag (nico)
7. fuck- drag
8. yung creem- drag (young cream)
9. forgit about- drag (sibylle baier)
10. sesame street- drag >>> all my frens r fuckd up- drag (swans)
11. sedsumting- drag (oOoOO)
12. mother always here, mother always- drag
13. B.I.T.C.H.- drag (gator mane & bruvr doe)
14. <3 teenage wasteland <3- drag