DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Unwound, “Valentine Card (Instrumental Demo)”



Via Numero Group:

As we’ve been pouring over the Unwound tapes the last few months, a few amazing discoveries have floated to the surface. Like? Oh, just an entire instrumental version of Fake Train recorded a few months before the group teamed up with Steve Fisk to record their seminal “debut” album. It being Valentine’s day and all, we thought it would be nice to send out a little card of our own, namely this vocal-less “Valentine Card” demo. It’s unmastered, and suffers from some azimuthing, but this “karaoke version” (as Justin Trosper calls it) provides a fascinating look into one of the band’s most beloved songs.


Read all about the Unwound reissue campaign here, and grab the band’s instrumental demo of “Valentine Card” below…