DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Veronica Vasicka’s Latest Minimal Wave Mix

Check out the tracklisting and Veronica Vasicka‘s immaculately mixed coldwave cuts after the jump. We’ve also got an exclusive Minimal Wave mix here. [FACT]

FACT Mix 194:
Goblin – Opening To The Sighs
MJ’s Voice
Å izike – Don’t Stop
Danton’s Voice – I Hear The Bells (forthcoming Minimal Wave)
Barbara Norris – Heavy Hitter
Jesse Velez – Laugh The Night Away
Soma Holiday – Shake Your Molecules
Metro Pakt – CTI
Philippe Laurent – Cerises (forthcoming Minimal Wave)
Nemesy – Arabian Sacrifice (Sacrifice Version)
B- Beat Girls – For The Same Man (Nasty Version)
Wet – That’s The Game (Instrumental)
Ruins – Daily And Blue (Minimal Wave)
Spooge Boy – Reggae Dance (Snareless Radio)
Nightless – Crazy Night
Martin Lloyd – Science Fiction Man (Minimal Wave)