EDITOR’S PICK: EULA, “I Collapse” b/w “Little Hearts”

EULA's new single
Photo: Matei Gheorghiu

This is how you do a 7”, friends–not by nailing the A-side, then sleepwalking your way through the flip. No, you gotta tear through both tracks like they’re your one and only way of reaching the fickle and feeble-minded. As Pitchfork rightfully points out, the new EULA  single can be easily compared to Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ knuckle-dragging, beer-spewing Fever to Tell phase. There’s more to it than that, though; led by the spotlight-stealing soft/loud dynamics of Alyse Lamb, the Brooklyn trio slither and slam their way through stormy weather in “I Collapse” and make their choruses count with the terror-stirring oncoming traffic of “Little Hearts.” Simply put, there’s not a wasted note on here; let’s hope the same level of perfectionism (right down to a rich, dagger-drawing mix) is extended to their next album.

Sample both sides down below, and check out EULA’s last LP on their Bandcamp page… 

EULA's new single